Chapitre II

by Chevalier

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Recorded in December 2017

Emma - Vocals
Tommi - Lead Guitars & Backing vocals
Mikko - Lead Guitars
Sebastian - Bass
Joel - Drums


released February 18, 2018

Produced, mixed and guest vocals by Gentry Lord
Music by Tommi
Lyrics by Emma and Tommi
Artwork photo by Emma
Layout by Joel


all rights reserved



Chevalier Helsinki, Finland

Medieval epic speed metal band formed in Finland in 2016

In the picture left to right:
Mikko - Lead guitars
Sebastian - Bass
Emma - Vocals
Joel - Drums
Tommi - Lead guitars & Backing vocals

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Track Name: The Messenger
In the light of the moon you run
Through dim forests and misty moors
Across the ponds with a message of war
And this message must reach its destination far away
In the distant lands you knew as home

The enemy is after you, like bloodhounds on the track
There is no time to stop or rest or you'll get caught by certain death

The Messenger - An unsung hero dashing through the night
The Messenger - Fate of the kingdom hangs heavy on your back

Great armies march behind you
Their path set for destruction
Sinister clash of iron echoes through to nightskies
Like a funerary bell tolling your demise
Time is running short, cold sweat runs down your back

Branches lash at you, without warning from the dark
Like fingers of evil entities reaching for your throat

"Lost in the endless night now are you?
Careful not to lose yourself
There are forces here that you cannot comprehend
Why won't you stop and listen?
It might save your life..."

The chilling voice is all around you
A ghastly presence moves amongst the trees
The forces of evil are after your soul
Playing deceitful tricks on your mind

Intense is the sense of doom
Closing in slowly above you
But without hesitation you keep the pace
And the secret knowledge that you bear
Drags you down towards the ground
It has to be delivered to the emperors

You know you must go on
Not give in to the fatigue
Or else the looming darkness shall swallow you
Track Name: Wrath of Steel
Far in the horizon swarms glimmering steel
Men prepare for war in armour and shield
Look into their eyes, se what they can't disguise
The fear and doubt creeps under their skin

Gather the courage, convince each other
Glory and honour will befall at our feet

Bolting horses, men plunge to their death
Gleaming swords flash before a dying breath
Panic taking over, you feel the presence of death
The ground stained crimson, soon you'll feel its cold caress

We know we must fight, we cannot retreat
We know we'll soon face the wrath of steel

Screams of pain, the dying moan
Your final hour is ticking slow
Among the ruins trampled and beat
You feel the wrath of steel

We thought we were strong, we thought we were brave, now we
plead our enemy to finish us off

Think of you children, your loved ones, your life
What could've been now fades out of sight
A life once worth living, scattered by greed
Delusion has led us to destroy our dreams

With blood in your mouth you reach for the blade
Gather what's left, try to brave
Track Name: The Curse of the Dead Star
Above rises the endless sky
mysterious it opens before us
It holds the secrets beyond our minds
beyond the understanding of our kind

Up there in the distance
gathers otherworldly might
Shooting at the speed of light
The cursed star is burning bright

Like a vulture in the sky
it coils above its prey
Awaiting for the perfect time
to descend upon mankind

Yet we prance around like fools
dancing on the ledge
We do not know our time
is hanging by the thread

The Curse of the Dead Star

Look into the sky!
Sense impending doom
Can you hear the death toll chime?
Time! Curse! Time!

It chimes for you, it chimes for me
Its message ringing clear
Lost children of the damned
fear the curse is near

Ever closing in
the cursed stars imploding spin
Desolation in its trail
It has set to prevail

Our days we wallow in vanity
Believing we're invincible
Each day that slips us by
might be the last we get

Burning halo in the night
Seas of fire in our sight
Drifting into fatal curse
Behold, the end is here

In a sea of flames
we mortals meet our end
Our reign comes crumbling down
The cursed star seals our fate

Nothing left behind
just a withered wavering wreck
The sad remains of a desperate race
fade away, fade away

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